The Best Bell Bike Pump (Top 2021 Review)

best bell bike pump

When listing out the essential tools to have in your garage and on the go as a cyclist or one who has a bike, it is important not to leave out a bike pump. I have discovered that most buyers find it somewhat difficult to choose the best bike pump to buy. This is simply because they don’t know what they want for their type of bike.

Even if you know what bike pump you want for your bike tires, you may not have an idea of the leading brands to trust when it comes down to the manufacturing of quality bike pumps.

To this effect, I have developed this guide to exposing you to the best bike pump to buy from a tested and trusted brand called Bell.

If you are an avid researcher on bike products and equipment, you must have probably heard about BELL. They provide an online store where you can get a plethora of tools and equipment related to bikes. It is a go-to site for cyclists where they can get their cyclist accessories.

Bike pumps made by Bell are specifically designed to inflate tires fast and for inflation of all types of bike tires. They are usually designed tall and thin-barrel, offering less resistance and easy to inflate.

While there is a lot of bell bike pump out there, we have handpicked the few best among them. As a matter of fact, most bell bike pumps appears to be unavailable in major online stores like amazon. This explains the high level of demand for these products.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick recommendation on the best Bell bike pumps available to buy. 

Best Bell bike pumps to buy – top picks

  1. Bell AIR Glide 550 High-Pressure Floor Pump w/Gauge
  2. Bell Air Attack 450 High Volume Bicycle Pump
  3. Bell Airstrike High-Pressure Frame Pump
  4. Bell AirStrike Mini Frame Pump

Why choose the Bell bike pump?

 Now before we go into the full details of these amazing bell bike pumps, I want to show you some convincing reasons why buyers choose bell over other models of bike pumps. Of course, there are many others out there with their respective strength and weakness. But what makes Bell special?

One, the stability of most of their bike pumps. The truth is some bell bike pumps are not worthy of note at all. That is why a post like this will unveil on the best. For most Bell bike pump, The base of the Air Attack is made of very lightweight plastic but does get a little extra heft from the gauge built into the front. Besides, it is flexible as the plastic of this base is not as rigid as other models.

Secondly, Bell makes sure that their bike pumps deliver better inflation speed than other basic bike pumps. For example, the Bell Air Attack 650 has tremendous speed when inflating a tire at low pressure.  The best of them has been designed to give an air attack that will fill a high volume mountain bike tire to suitable pressure in a clinch. This is a major feature you don’t want to miss in a bike pump. 

Not only that, but most users of Bell bike pumps also reviewed that they had no problem whatsoever with gauge accuracy at lower pressures. The best bell bike pumps are made with accuracy. Some of these Bell bike pumps may not be the best pump around, but it does get the job done easily by moving a huge amount of air into the tire tube at just each pump stroke

Full review of the best bell bike pumps to buy

The best of Bell bike pump appears to be more versatile, and likely to last a lot longer. Most of them are also cost-effective, making it among the top choice for buyers.

Bell AIR Glide 550 High-Pressure Floor Pump w/Gauge

Bell air pump


 About product 

 One interesting thing about this Bell AIR Glide 550 High-Pressure Floor Pump w/Gauge is that it has been designed to inflate all types of bike tires. This feature makes it really versatile and handy. It is portable, tall and has a thin-barrel design that makes the tool-less resistance

Buyers will also find the easy-to-read side-mount gauge features in The Air Glide 550 as well as the rugged, steel-barrel construction for years of reliable performance. 

The pump head can easily be used for both Schrader and Presta valves without worrying about adjustment as with other models of bike pumps. While it inflates tires up to 120 PSI with a barrel volume of 430 cm3, it will serve as a very handy and compact bike pump.


  • The package includes ball needles and an inflation cone
  • Thin barrel design easily inflates all tires including higher PSI Road and Commuter bike tires
  • Side-mount gauge430 cm volume, 120 PSI max
  • Dual Schrader/Presta head


  • Some users complained that getting the lock to work properly Is quite difficult

Bell Air Attack 450 High Volume Bicycle Pump

Bell Air Attack 450 High Volume Bicycle Pump


About product

Get this Air Attack 450 made by the bell to ensure that your bike tires are always ready to roll and roll to wherever you choose to go. The air attack from this potable bike pump keeps your tire at optimum pressure as it features a wide-barrel design that pushes more air to quickly to inflate bike tires.

I also love the fact that this amazing bell bike pump has a reversible pump head that supports both Schrader and Presto valves. It is easy to handle and convenient to use, all thanks to the extra-large handle and base.


  • 615 cm3 volume, 100 PSI max
  • Wide barrel design pushes more air to quickly inflate bike tires
  • Reversible Schrader/Presta head
  • Extra-large handle and base
  • Ball needle and inflation cone included


  • While it is stated that this bike pump works for Presta, some reviewers noticed that there is no Presta adapter for this purpose. How sad.

Bell Airstrike High-Pressure Frame Pump

Bell Airstrike High Pressure Frame Pump


 About product

This is actually a nice compact backup pump that you can carry around easily. I can not comment on the exact highest pressure it can go but you can inflate tires up to 60 psi. Besides, you will find it very easy to attach the pump to the body. The instructional guide is comprehensive enough for you to get everything done but would have been better if there were pictures for illustration.

If you have never used a bike pump before, or this is your first time having one, you may want to choose the next one. You get the best out of this bike pump if you have an idea of tire inflating concepts


  • 60 cm volume, 120 PSI max
  • Reversible Schrader/Presta pump head
  • Pivoting T-Handle for a sure grip
  • Mounting bracket included


  •  The pump comes in a configuration that you may not find friendly initially

Bell AirStrike Mini Frame Pump

Bell AirStrike Mini Frame Pump


About product

There are many benefits attached to buying this Bell AirStrike Mini Frame Pump. One, the Ergonomic Pivoting Handle allows you to grip the pump safely. Proudly made by bell, this AirStrike 100 Frame Pump Pumps High Volume For Short Barrel Pump. It is very portable and supports all Valve Stems including Schrader & Presta Valve 


    • Easy and simple use kit
    • Pumps high volume for short barrel pump 
    • Ergonomic, pivoting handle for great grip
    • Integrated mounting bracket included
    • Ball needle stored in the mounting bracket
    • Convertible head changes for both Schrader and Presta valves


Struggling to remove the Bell bike pump without losing air?

It looks quite unavoidable to get the ‘pftttt’ sound when removing the bike pump. In fact, I have never plucked out a pump without hearing such. But your guess is as good as mine that some air is actually escaping just as the sound goes onomatopoetic!

Some people are actually not careful when unplugging the pump form the tires such that they lose air in the process. The best thing to do is to put a bit of pressure on the valve while screwing the core down. This will help to prevent unnecessary air loss. That’s the simple tip

But as simple as it is, not everyone pays attention to this.